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What We Do

For Massachusetts Municipal Utilities:

Our services are designed to be customized for each municipal utility’s budgetary constraints or efficiency goals while ensuring a level of design consistency. Using MMWEC as the service administrator eases the burden for municipal utilities to track projects, provide customer intake, answer questions, and track participation and energy savings.

For Commercial & Industrial Customers:

The GO Program is your source for participating in municipal C&I efficiency programs. For customers who are not sure of what to do, GO offers multiple types of energy audits, most of which will be partially funded by your local municipal light department. Our auditors will provide a quality report that will help you understand and choose the best measures to install.

For Vendors/Installers:

One of our program goals is to encourage local economic development. That is accomplished when GO and its participating municipal utilities can work with local contractors. In that regard, the GO Program encourages local electrical and HVAC contractors to learn more about the GO rebates offered through participating municipal utilities.

GO Brochure