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How it Works

GO Program participation may vary by utility. To learn what programs your utility has to offer, please click on their logo in the right column.

Prescriptive Programs

All incentives capped at 50% of installed project costs

The Prescriptive GO Program is designed to expedite the processing and installation of typical energy efficiency opportunities in commercial, industrial, and non-residential buildings. Incentives are offered to promote the installation of premium efficiency equipment and offset the incremental cost of such equipment over standard replacements. Currently the program offers incentives for:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC

Click HERE to view a list of program knowledgeable contractors.

Applicants, be sure to view our video links below!

4 Easy Steps to receive your GO Incentive:

1. Is your project eligible?

  • Equipment must be new and installed in a non-residential building located in a participating Massachusetts municipal utility territory.
  • Installation must be completed, or scheduled to be completed, within the current program year. Refer to the application for program year dates.
  • Applications must be received within the current program year to qualify for incentives.

2. Is the equipment you intend to buy eligible?

3. Complete and sign the application.

  • To download an application, go to a specific light department’s GO Program webpage by clicking on the corresponding department’s logo on the right sidebar menu or select a department under the “Who We Serve” dropdown menu located at the top of the screen.
  • Incomplete applications will delay review and payment. Please be sure to provide all requested information.
    Videos below – Click to watch:
  • Application Tips
  • Completing a Prescriptive Application
  • Estimating Savings

4. All projects require pre-approval:

  • Before you purchase and install the equipment, send the following to the GO Program in order to receive a “pre-approved incentive” letter:
    • Your application with all requested information filled in.
    • Manufacturer’s technical specification sheets (“cut sheets”) for each type of eligible equipment purchased.
    • A copy of your most recent electric bill.

Please note that item two above must be submitted in order for your application to be processed.

  • After you have purchased and installed the qualified equipment, return the following to the GO Program:
    • A signed copy of your “pre-approved incentive” letter.
    • A copy of your invoice showing the date and place of purchase and model/part numbers of the equipment installed.
    • Invoices must be submitted within 60 days of invoice date.

Please note: In order to receive an incentive from the GO Program, invoices and manufacturer’s technical data sheets (“cut sheets”) will always be required.

Custom Programs

The Custom Retrofit GO Program is administered through a controlled process whereby customers submit an application to be enrolled into the program. Once the application is received, our team will work with the customers and their preferred contractors to fully define work scopes for the recommended projects including a cost-effectiveness evaluation based on estimated annual energy savings. Incentives available through the program are based on the energy savings estimated to result from project implementation. It is the responsibility of the customers to implement the measures of their choosing, at which time a post-installation inspection will be conducted prior to issuing the incentive.

There are two paths for Custom Commercial & Industrial energy efficiency (EE) project applications:

  • Customer/Vendor Proposed Project – for customers with a specific project in mind
  • Custom Project – for customers with general interests in energy efficiency opportunities

NOTE: The illustration above is a high-level overview. There may be additional steps required depending on the size and/or complexity of a project.

Participating Utilities