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Case Studies

Advanced Precision Engineering

Advanced Precision Engineering, Inc. (APE), located in Ipswich, Mass., is a supplier of complex machined parts, assemblies, and kits to the aerospace, military, automation, and semi-conductor industries. APE used two 30 horsepower air compressors for their manufacturing process.

They worked with D.R. Guilbeult Compressor, LLC to replace the air compressors with one 75 horsepower variable speed compressor and install efficient auxiliary equipment including a receiver tank, wet tank, cycling refrigerated dryer, and efficient drains on equipment. Based upon the project’s cost and the program’s guidelines, Ipswich Electric Light Department was able to offer an incentive of $10,000. Advanced Precision Engineering implemented their project in February 2019.


Viant Chicopee, Inc. is a medical device manufacturing facility located in Chicopee, Mass. The facility has a chilled water plant used for the manufacturing process that operates year-round with the exception of plant shutdowns.

Viant worked with Energy Engineering, LLC to install two variable frequency drives (VFDs) on the cooling water circulation pump and the condenser water pump. The cooling water circulation pump VFD was equipped with a controller that sets the motor to an optimal flow rate rather than throttling the pump at the discharge of the heat exchanger. The new operation opens the heat exchanger valve and reduces pump speed until the flow rate is as designed. The VFD installed on the condenser water pump optimizes the water differential by varying the flow rate based on the temperature sensor readings at the inlet and outlet of the condenser to keep the differential temperature constant. Based upon the project’s cost and the program’s guidelines, Chicopee Electric Light was able to offer an incentive of $4,130 which reduced the payback to one year. Viant implemented their project in February 2020.