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Case Studies

Dion Label Printing

Dion Label Printing Inc. is a family owned company specializing in printing pressure sensitive labels, tags, shrink sleeves, tickets and specialty applications for multiple industries. The interior climate control needs of the facility are very specific to the individual printing processes being performed in different locations throughout the facility. As a result, a number of mechanical systems are in place to control heating, cooling, ventilation and humidification. After a detailed facility audit, Dion implemented two of the three recommend projects – the humidification and waste heat recovery projects in June and July of 2012. Under the Westfield efficiency program’s rebate structure they received a project incentive of $46,693.

DJ Fabricators

DJ Fabricators was using a single 40 horse power, air-cooled, oil-flooded rotary vane compressor with modulation controls with a rate capacity of 155 cfm. After a study of the existing needs for compressed air and a recommendation was made for the replacement of the existing system with a smaller, more efficient 100 psig, 15 horsepower rotary screw compressor with dual controls and a rated capacity of 71 cfm. Based upon the project’s cost and the program’s incentive guidelines, Ipswich was able to offer an incentive of $7,018 which met both the 50% and one year payback criteria. DJ Fabricators implemented their project in June 2012.